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Ayush Mathur

Setting up online presence for any business and its importance

Modern times, disruptive techniques & its recent capture of the business environment, the online presence is the key requirement for any business to establish its presence and credibility in the market.

Businesses generally forget to keep pace up with the changing trends in developing the right online presence for their company and brand name. Digital presence comprises of many aspects which need to consider before finalizing anything to go online. It's just to the matter of having the presence, it's the matter of taking it beyond the general thoughts.

An applied thought to pursue the right digital strategy with the detailed path to achieve goals is the main requirement that needs to be followed. Entrepreneurs who are focused on putting it right in front of the target market understand the importance of how to take and make things right from the start.

How to focus on putting things right digitally:

a. Understand the key point you want to showcase
b. Who you want to respond back to you
c. How is that you will make your point clear and simpler
d. Don't clutter, have a straight one thought and goal
e. Make presence similar everywhere- with colour schemes, layouts, fonts, message & images.
f. You can use creativity in promotions though
g. Simplify the process of getting leads
h. Focus on the user interface of your website/app - it should be synced with your business goals
i. Understand how market responds to your digital presence - learn fast and improve faster.
j. Never stop improving - change is always required to keep up with the changing trends.
k. Try to make registered user base - will help in reducing future marketing cost

Why to have right digital presence

a. Increased connectivity with customers
b. More response for the business
c. Brand building
d. Easy remarketing
e. More of a necessity than a choice
f. Helps in getting competitive edge
g. Definitely, Can help in making more profits   

IN BRIEF, Digital presence is the necessity which no entrepreneur or an organization can ignore. It will be better off to have presence planned and oriented towards the goal of the organization. Underestimating the design and purpose can be harmful.


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Robo Consulting 2019