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Ayush Mathur

Design & its impact - Importance to even a small organization

What is design? A way to show the purpose, utility and credibility of anything.
Why is it important? Better the design equals better brand, better understanding, better response, better recall value, better connection with others.

Creating a great design requires a strategic approach to planning and it's presentation. There is a different design for different purpose. Design can be Graphical, industrial, architectural, technical, fashion, management and others.

Points to be considered before designing (Any product or Service)

a. Objective and goal you want to achieve after designing it
b. For whom you will design
c. If it's a product - consider Raw materials, Sourcing, Pricing and Manufacturing
d. If it's a service - consider Pain point & your USP
e. If it's a graphical representation - consider alignment, fonts, colors, images, positioning & spacing
f. Testing - test the design before making it final, take feedbacks & improve
g. Get the team - should have the understanding to make it right and amazing.
h. Don't go for perfection but also don't settle for anything ordinary.

Importance of Great design

a. Great impact on the segment targeted
b. Helps in developing greater brand image
c. Planned design will be easy to market
d. People will remember it for longer hence better buying
e. You will get the response you wanted from customers
f. Higher customer satisfaction
g. Less expenses over improvements and errors


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Robo Consulting 2019