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Ayush Mathur

Get growth in sales by simply understanding how to create right sales strategy

What do you think, when you think the strategy for business development? Do you consider the customer sales journey? For any marketing activity, a streamlined sales strategy is important for getting the better response from marketing and making conversions easy while managing deliveries efficiently.

The journey can be defined by the right strategy which can be defined by understanding:

a. What you specifically want to sell
Understand, that you cannot sell everything through one sales strategy. Think! what service or product that can convince customers more, be it because of your expertise or price. Through which you will be able to convince the buyer to make that decision you wanted from the overall designed journey.

b. To whom you want to sell - define specific target segment
Defining whom you want to target will help in drafting the right media strategy. You should consider the point that target customer's thinking is based on their society, work and experience. Putting yourself in their shoes will help in putting getting positioning and matter for the media plan.

c. At what price and with what offers you want to reach them
Do you understand market drivers and competition? Reaching out with the right price and offers will give your marketing strategy an upper edge and will help you in closing faster and easier.

d. How you want to reach - create the right media strategy
Choosing right medium for promoting your product/service as per your company's positioning in the market is important. For example, if you are pushing a premium product/service you won't be able to capture the market with the lower category marketing activity you have to go premium with everything you do, be it videos, ads design, taglines, locations and also medium of promotions.

e. Provide team with all materials to follow up & close the deal

You should understand the importance of deal closure strategy which includes training your sales team as they have to response keeping in mind the brand. Your sales team should have all the proper materials like right pitch, up to date product/service knowledge, right marketing collaterals like brochures, presentations, stationery and others.
f. Create the delivery system

After handling client and taking a further step towards closing the deal. The process that will define the proper deliveries to the customer taking care of the promises made at the right price and at the defined time.
IN BRIEF, Sales can be easy by simply understanding the customer and by preparing right way to approach them. Putting yourself in the shoes of customers will help you in drafting the right plan and policies to make your marketing activity successful.

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Robo Consulting 2019